Our Concierge doctors have only few of patients at any given time, compared to the thousands or more that traditional doctors see. This leads to better service from your physician. They attend to clients at their convenience through visits, calls, video calls, texts or emails. Patronising our concierge physicians comes with some benefits such as.

Having longer, more frequent appointments anytime, anywhere.

Most people make an appointment with their doctor when they are sick or need a prescription refill. Why pay and go through the hassle of making an appointment weeks or even months in advance otherwise? Since our concierge doctors have fewer patients, they can see their patients more often and for longer periods of time. On average, our doctors spend an hour or more with a patient compared to the seven or eight minutes a traditional doctor spends.

This allows our doctors to form better relationships with their patients. They quickly develop a great understanding of each patient’s medical history and issues.

Assured availability of our Doctors anytime anywhere.

Part of what you’re paying for when you get on board with us is access to your physician. It could be through a visit at your convenience, call, text, email, and even Skype with patients. They are available to answer health questions, often even after business hours. Our doctors also guarantee same or next-day appointments.

Provision of preventive — not reactive — care.

Seeing patients more often and for longer periods of time means our doctors can focus on preventive care. The episodic care traditional physicians provide focuses on identifying current issues and quickly resolving those matters. Our doctors can take the time to look at your entire health history on each visit, which often helps them identify and diagnose issues as they’re developing, rather than when they’re already serious.

Having an all-round care from our Doctors.

Our doctors have more time with each patient to talk about issues and consider how they are related to your overall health. Having a doctor familiar with your entire medical history can help them make important connections and diagnoses. Our doctors can recommend specialists as needed and coordinate and track your overall care.

They are also excellent at managing the health of patients with diseases. Their frequent visits will ensure that symptoms are always being monitored and that possible disease progression is being tracked.

Saving Money and Time.

Our doctors focus on fewer patients than a traditional physician, allowing them to focus on preventive care with better insight into each patient’s health. This can help control healthcare costs for those patients. Traditional doctors have less time to spend with each patient, so they may have to order more tests or procedures to diagnose an issue. These additional treatments increase patients’ costs.

If you have a low-cost high-deductible health insurance plan, you can use the money saved on health insurance to cover the concierge medicine retainer.

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