We offer specialist diet therapy services with qualified registered dietitians who would translate evidence based nutrition information into practical dietary consult for clients.

Our staff of qualified registered dietitians offer the following services:

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)

Clients with various health conditions can improve their health and quality of life by receiving medical nutrition therapy. With MNT interventions, the registered dietitian counsels and educates clients on behavioural and lifestyle modifications required to impact long-term eating habits and health.

Medical Nutrition Therapy Services includes:

  • Performing a comprehensive nutrition assessment to arrive at a nutrition diagnosis

  • Planning and implementing a nutrition intervention using evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines

  • Monitoring and evaluating an individual’s progress over follow ups/ subsequent visits with the registered dietitian

Registered Dietitians provide Medical Nutrition Therapy and other services for a variety of conditions including:

  • Hypertension

  • Dyslipidemia

  • Diabetes

  • Weight Management

  • Nutrition Education / Health Talk

  • Health Screening

  • Individual Out Patient Counselling

  • Healthy Eating Counselling

Our dietitians discuss with clients the appropriate food choices along with strategies to help empower them to adapt new healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

Our dietitians are available to speak at a fee on a variety of topics to faith based and corporate organizations on pertinent health issues.

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